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Green Devil Safari was created for the benefit of the traveller who wants to explore and mingle with locals, eager for unique and tailor-made experiences.For those seeking excitement and inspiration, this program is for you.Now the introduction... Madeira Island, with 743 Km2, of which only 1/3 of this area is inhabited land, as population are restricted almost solely to coastal... With a unique pre-historic forest, a true relic of ancient nature; with an average altitude of 1300 meters,rugged terrain, deep valleys, massive mountains, micro-climates, added to these: an impressive network of beaten tracks crossing dense forests, secular cobblestone paths almost seeming to extend into to oblivion, connecting villages where time stood still. It makes sense to travel in a4x4 open top jeep with professional, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly guides, always in a good mood with smiley faces.We, the drivers/guides want to take you to secret places which even locals seldom know; we love to see your reaction, your awed expression because we want you to return to Madeira and maybe bringing friends. Our goal is to make yourselves honorary Madeirans and pass on the love we have for this Island, and if we must, we will use poncha to reach our goal!


Starting in Serra D’Água, the abrupt valley dividing the massif from the only plateau this island has, this tour takes you to the lush northwest, where waterfalls melt into the ocean and lava has been shaped into cerulean pools.Feelthe adrenalin-adventure of exploring primitive back-roads surrounded by native forest. Add to the sea walk along side the famous man-made channels-called Levadas-with ravishing landscapes and for sure, you will have unforgettable moments.


This tour happens in the Southwest, where the sun shines all year round and calm reigns, cradled by the sound of the ocean waves.Let our guides take you along beaten tracks and rural paths slotted between terraces, brimming with banana trees and sugarcane plantations landscapes coloured by sun burnt cliffs.We can observe   signs of hundreds of channels that in the past, brought to surface the magma that formed this island.

Santo da Serra_edited.jpg

This adventure happens every Sundays, the only day we can visit Santo daSerra’s fair and market. Very popular amongst locals, in this market everything islocal, where quality and flavour are trademarks and prices match the native’s pocket. This is the day for the weekly purchases; it is not a touristic event. Mingle with thelocals;let yourself be carried by

your senses. Once again, the way to the market will be via hilly rural paths and beaten tracks,with a background of the native forest, filled with astonishing and memorable sights.Prepare your camera!


After a first stop at the bay where the Portuguese landed in 1419/20, in the south east coast, this tour continues along the ancient royal footpath, where our sight is captured by the geometry of the oldest terraces of the island, along the beaten tracks crossing the indigenous forest.You will be amazed at the isolated rural nature of the villages we will visit. This is a tour rich in culture,with some of the most beautiful landscapes you can set your eyes on and breath taking trails that will take you from sea level to Madeira’s highest  mountains


Known for being where the nuns from Santa Clara convent in Funchal founda place to hide from the French Corsairs’ attacks in XV/XVI centuries, Pico dos Barcelos is where this tour originates, a sightseeing point with a superb view from the capital’s bay. We carry on our journey leaving behind the urban centre and heading towards the mountains where we can find several points with astonishing views over the valleys where the village spreads far below. Surrounded by mountains,with ocean’s blue supplanted by the celestial blue above and the picturesque background, here we can taste liquors, pastry and other products that can only be found in this region


This tour begins in Ponta do Garajau, the cliff that serves as base to Christ King Statue (Sacred Heart Statue) and provides an interesting perspective from Funchal’s bay. We continue our excursion until Santa Cruz, one of Madeira’s earliest centres of population.From where we start the vertiginous climb to the mountains, passing along farm tracks and glimpsing small settlements almost hidden by the rugged terrain. In this half day experience,we will have the opportunity of following native forest trails and the cobblestone royal path towards Machico city where we finish this wonderfully varied trip


This tour begins with a small peregrination and you will feel blessed with the views you’ll have;take a deep breath and admire the terraces where the vines produce the fruit responsible for the nectar that throughout centuries have delighted admirers. Our guides will transport you back in time along the rural northeast coast, where almost nothing changed in the past 50 years. It’s indescribable what you will feel on the off-road tracks that wind through the dense Laurissilva forest all along the way; the scents, the sounds and the views will leave you dazzled


Start your day at a place of stirring atmosphere, visiting one of the most emblematic sightseeing points before all the hustle and bustle of buses and visitors cars arrive at Cabo Girão. Continue your trip to the mountains from where you can contemplate Nuns Valley village, through pathways between farms in which cherry and chestnut trees share space with extensive vineyards,this route seems painted in green or bronze colours, sprinkled with the rooftop orange and multi-coloured walls downhill until at last reaching the blue sea spotted with the colourful typical Camara de Lobos boats resting from fishing


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