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Worried about Brexit ?

The saga continues and we have been asked by many clients what will this issue mean for their holidays. Understandably the travel industry is a little nervous and of course no one really knows what the future will bring.

Most importantly a number of key travel groups have released vital info regarding the UK's eventual split from the EU.

However, all current regulations in situ will stay in place until a final agreement has taken place. So it's business as usual, at least until the 29th March. ABTA have confirmed

with regards to booking and travel beyond this date, it should be fine to do so.


Will Our Passport still be valid?

Yes, your passports will still be valid, however there are certain restrictions that may apply when visiting certain countries.

The government have provided an online checker, please see link below

It is unlikely that the EU would want to make travel from Britain to Europe difficult as Brits spend a fortune on holidays in the EU – research found that in 2014 alone, UK holidaymakers spent a remarkable £19.76bn in EU countries alone.


Travel Insurance

A comprehensive travel insurance policy should cover you regardless, so take one out once you’ve booked your holiday as normal.

All polices work on the terms and conditions of said policy, and will pay out accordingly . If Brexit does cause any disruption, cover will depend on the clauses within the policy. However, any policy taken out before the disruption should cover you. But read the small print, it may be that insurers deem Brexit to be outside of the control of travel companies, as ABTA has.

Fully comprehensive cover should always be taken out regardless of the uncertainty with the ongoing talks and negotiations.

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